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Zigate Plugin for Domoticz

Zigate Python Plugin for Domoticz home automation.


Python version 3.4 or higher required & Domoticz version 3.87xx or greater.

To install:

As most of the Domoticz plugin, the installation is done by pulling a github repository into your environment.

  • 2 environments are at your disposal :
    • Stable environment under the branch name "master" (default)
    • Beta environment under constant developement to provide new functionality and incorporate more devices.
  • Go in your Domoticz directory using a command line and open the plugins directory.
  • Run: git clone https://github.com/sasu-drooz/Domoticz-Zigate.git
    • In case you want to move to the beta branch named "developement" run the following command : git checkout developement
    • If you want to fall back to the master branch run the following command : git checkout master
  • Restart Domoticz.

In the web UI, navigate to the Hardware page. In the hardware dropdown there will be an entry called "Zigate plugin".


To update:

  • Go in your Domoticz directory using a command line and open the plugins directory then the Domoticz-Zigate-Plugin directory.
  • Run: git pull
  • Restart Domoticz. (Be aware that in some cases a simple enable/disable of the Zigate hardware could be enought, but it will depend on the type of changes done in the plugin code.)

How to deal with issues and Questions

You have several alternatives to deal with those and here is the most efficient way to get good support

  • In case of question and problem please use the Domoticz Forum to ask your questions and/or problem. You can either use the English Domoticz forum or if you want to interact in French you might want to use Easydomoticz French Forum
  • In both cases, please be as detailed as possible and make sure that you document at least :
    • Plugin version ( you can get it from the domoticz log, when starting the Zigate plugin ). Tell us if you are using the "master(default)" or "developement(beta)" branch
    • Attached log file if applicable which can help in understanding the problem.
  • If this is a zigate plugin "bug", you might create an issue in the Zigate GitHub repository. In such please provide as much details as possible. Don't use it for asking question.


In Domoticz, go in Setup>Hardware, in Type select "Zigate plugin".

  • Select a name for your hardware (here it's zigate)
  • Select your model (USB or Wifi)
    • if Wifi enter IP of your Zigate, keep port to 9999 (not possible to change this on the zigate yet)
    • if USB, select your device port (always /dev/ttyUSBx under linux, COMx for Windows)
  • Select ZigBee channel (by default it's set to 11, but if you have pluzzy device, ou need to set it to 19, see zigate.fr for more information)
  • Set Permit join time, between 0 and 255 to Permit join devices on plugin or Domoticz start
    • 0 : no pairing. This is most likely the normal way to run the plugin. You cannot add any new devices.
    • 1-254 : period of time during pairing is possible. This is what you will set when looking to add a new devices.
    • 255 : pairing is all of the time.
  • Set Erase Persistent Data to true if you want to clean Zigate memory (devices know list in zigate)
  • Set Debug to true if you have trouble

How it's work

Your Device need to send a device announce while zigate is in permit join mode.

Then your zigate will ask your device for this End Point. Plugin will wait until your device answer or send an Active End Point Request again after 10 Heartbeat without answer or enough information to create device in Domoticz

If we receive an Active Endpoint Request response, then plugin will ask for a Simple Descriptor Request for each End Point.

Then plugin should have enough information to create Domoticz Device for this Device

Setup new device

To add a new device your zigate must be in Permit Join mode

Ikea Tradfri Bulb

Just turn off/on 6 times your bulb (not with ikea remote, shut off then on power). Your bulb will send a device announce to your zigate, then your zigate will ask some information to your bulb to know wich model it is and add it to Domoticz. If your model is not in DeviceConf.txt it should take a little longer but it will be automatically add as soon as the zigate will have information need foor this.


You should find between 1 and 3 new devices in your Domoticz Device list :

  • simple switch, to turn on or off your bulb
  • Level Control (LvlControl), to set brigthness level of your bulb
  • Color Control (ColorControl), to set color of your bulb

Xiaomi ZigBee Device

Push reset button while your device blink 3 times quickly, then your device will be announce to your zigate and it will be add to your device list

support Xiaomi know device are :

  • Motion sensor (v1 and v2)
  • Door/window sensor
  • Temperature/humidity sensor
  • Weather sensor (Temperatur/humidity/barometer)
  • Water sensor
  • Single Switch
  • Dual Switch
  • Smoke sensor

Other Zigbee device

Other zigbee device should be add do domoticz after zigate will have receive a device announce.