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A Wakeuplight can be very usefull to wakeup nice and smoothly.

Thanks to Tozzke [1](member of Tweakers forum) we managed to get a Wakeuplight with random Z-wave dimmers.

First create a Variable named 'Wakeup_triggered?' as Integer and value 0

also create a On/Off dummyswitch, named 'Wakeup'

After that, create a Blockly like mine. It is an example. Choose your own steps of dimm and in what time.


Because this blockly runs untill it's finished, I created a panicswitch to stop the wakeuplight and turn the light and event off.


You trigger this wakeuplight by activate the Wakeup dummyswitch. In my case I use Tasker (android) with json. I have Alarmpad as alarmapp, which has a plugin for Tasker. It checks the alarm and gets variables for sending the http get url.

See the JSON page [2]

Thats it!