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We hear a lot of people making complaints that a feature (or Domoticz) is not working anymore after they installed a new update.
Now this could happen if you are running a beta version, but 99,9% of the time this has no relationship with the beta version at all,
and even more so, nothing changed on the part where they have problems with.

So what could be wrong ?


Domoticz can make use of scripts (Lua/Python). It could be there is a problem with one of the scripts.
Maybe updating a virtual sensor via JSON with invalid parameters...

- Try disabling the eventsystem in Domoticz (from the setup) - Rename the 'scripts' and 'plugin' folder


There could be a problem with one of the added hardware in Domoticz.

- disable all hardware in Domoticz (Not 'delete', just 'disable') If you are unable to do this because Domoticz does not start, download a SQLite editor (for example SQLite Expert Personal Edition), open the database, go to the 'hardware' table and disable all hardware here (put a 0 (zero) under the enabled column)

- Now Domoticz should start, if that is the case:

- Enable ONLY 1 hardware ... test with this for at least a few hours (maybe a day!) until you are 100% sure this hardware is functioning properly, and only then, enable another hardware, and perform the same test, and when this is functioning, enable another
- If during the test period Domoticz will crash, you know what hardware is causing the issue

Other problems

If Domoticz does not start working with the above steps, try the below options

Linux filesystem rights (Raspberry)

login with the user that you used to install Domoticz (on a raspberry pi this is the 'pi' user) then issue:

cd domoticz
sudo service domoticz stop
sudo chown -R pi.pi *

Test if domoticz can be start by hand:


Now Domoticz should run, or tell you what the problem is, if it runs correctly press 'control-C' to stop it, and start the service

sudo service domoticz start

Clean database

If the above does not work, make a backup of the database (domoticz.db) and delete the current database.
Now start Domoticz, if that works, there is a problem inside your database that should be fixed.

Please feel free to make changes to this page if needed