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This script will maintain thermostat between 19 and 21 degrees.

This script has been taken from here

Dependencies - hardware / software / operating system

This script will work on all type of hardware / software / operating system.

Domoticz Setup - switches, variables, version

  • Replace "consigne" with target temperature
  • Replace "hysteresis"
  • Replace "sonde" with temperature sensor
  • Replace "thermostat" with virtual thermostat switch
  • Replace "radiateur" with heating source sensor

Installation instructions

Copy this script in your domoticz\scripts\lua\ folder.

Script with comments

 -- Alexandre DUBOIS - 2014
 -- This script allows to maintain the temperatue between 19°C et 21°C when virtual
 -- 'Thermostat salon' is ON.
 ------ Start of edit section ------
 local consigne = 20  --Température de consigne
 local hysteresis = 0.5 --Valeur seuil pour éviter que le relai ne cesse de commuter dans les 2 sens
 local sonde = 'Salon' --Nom de la sonde de température
 local thermostat = 'Thermostat salon' --Nom de l'interrupteur virtuel du thermostat
 local radiateur = 'Radiateur salon' --Nom du radiateur à allumer/éteindre
 -- End of edit section --
 commandArray = {}
 --Oregon sensor 'Salon' send temperature every 40s. This will be the execution frequency of this script.
 if (devicechanged[sonde]) then
         local temperature = devicechanged[string.format('%s_Temperature', sonde)] --Temperature relevée dans le salon
     --On n'agit que si le "Thermostat" est actif
     if (otherdevices[thermostat]=='On') then
         print('-- Gestion du thermostat pour le salon --')
         if (temperature < (consigne - hysteresis) ) then
             print('Allumage du chauffage dans le salon')
             elseif (temperature > (consigne + hysteresis)) then
                 print('Extinction du chauffage dans le salon')
 return commandArray

Example of use (if relevant) i.e. output files / screen displays