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Teleinfo support in Domoticz

Teleinfo is a French specific protocol used in electricity smart meters. It provides real time information on power consumption, rates and current on a user accessible serial port.

Compatible devices

Various devices can be connected to a smart meter:

  • USB dongles from several manufacturers. They all emulate a serial port and convert the serial data flow from the meter to USB. They don't alter data and are all compatible with the "Teleinfo USB" module in Domoticz
  • Serial adapters: at least one exists for Rasberry Pi: PiTinfo. It is a genuine serial adapter (as opposed to an emulated one using USB). It is only compatible with Rasberry Pi
  • Compound devices: one example is EcoDevices, from CGE electronics which can handle two meters plus two pulse meters (usually for water and gas). This device has its own hardware support in Domoticz but shares the Teleinfo part with the above.

Using Teleinfo devices

All Teleinfo decoders will create the same set of devices in Domoticz


Depending on your electricity subscription you will have one to three meters for kWh.

  • Basic rate: one meter showing total kWh, daily kWh and power in VA.
  • Tarifs with two different rates (EJP, HC) : one meter of type P1SmartMeter showing both rates in one devices, plus power in VA
  • Tarifs with colored days and Peak/OffPeak (Tempo): three P1 meters, one for each color plus one global meter.


In order to automatise scenarii based on current rate, alert sensors are also created:

  • "Tarif en Cours": Alert is 0 for base tarif, 1 for Heures Creuses, 2 for Heures Pleines, 3 for unknown, 4 for Pointe Mobile (EJP)
  • "Couleur du Jour": Alert is 1 for Blue, 2 for White and 3 for Red
  • "Advance Notice EJP": Alert is 1 during normal hours and goes to 4 30 mns before "Pointe Mobile" starts
  • "Demain" (tomorrow): Alert is 0 for unknown, 1 for Blue, 2 for White, 3 for Red
  • "Courant": one or three alerts (one per phase) ranging from 1 when intensity is below 80% of subscription to 4 for 100% and above.
  • "Potentials" : only for tri-phases power supply. Bitmap showing potential (voltage) presence on all three phases. 1 when OK, 4 if at least one phase is down


One current sensor will show the intensity in Amps for 1 or 3 phases depending on your setup

Screen shots

Teleinfo will create a set of devices depending on the subscription type and number of phases (1 or 3) as shown below for a Tempo (the most complex) contract and a three phases installation

Teleinfo Devices.jpg

Teleinfo Sensors.jpg

Teleinfo ThreePhases.png