System Alive Checker (Ping)

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Domoticz have a built in way to ping devices. Check if they are alive or close by on wifi. There are other ways with external scripts running under crontab but this is much easier to set up and already there.


  • Nodes should be reachable from domoticz machine over the network.
  • Mobile devices should have a static ip setup in your routers dhcp server (otherwise they change ip over time)
  • Also most mobile devices don't respond to ping if using too much of battery saving functions.


  • Go To Setup -> Hardware
  • Add Hardware type: System Alive Checker (Ping), give it some name. For example Ping. push add

Hardware Tab

  • Push Setup button on the new Ping row

Hardware Setup Button

  • Add your nodes that you would like to ping, give them a name and ipadress


If you have turned of Accept new Hardware Devices.

  • Goto Setup -> Settings -> System -> Hardware/Devices
  • Push Allow for 5 Minutes

Accept new diveices

Now your nodes should be visible under devices

  • Goto Setup -> Devices


  • Add them as usual by pushing the green arrow. And they are now visible on switches page.