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If you have one of the Synology Domoticz packages from Jumbotroll installed, which can be found here you most likely want to access the directory in a more convenient fashion then having to resort to SSH only.
The Domoticz package gets installed in the @appstore folder (/volume1/@appstore/domoticz) which by default cannot be accessed by Windows Explorer, Mac Finder or even the Synology File Station. Lets review two options of making your live a bit better.

Enable SSH
For both options, we have to enable SSH on the Synology first.
Login to the Synology Desktop with a user with Administration privileges and go to Control panel=>Terminal & SNMP and enable the SSH Service.
Leave the port setting at the default port:22 And click Apply to save.


To access this folder you can make a Shared Folder to be accessed by Explorer or Finder.

First, we need to create a softlink (Linux name for a shortcut) to the @appstore folder. For that we need a terminal program like putty.
Open putty and fill in the IP-Address of your Synology NAS and click open.
Enter a Synology username with administration privileges and hit enter
followed by the users password. After logging in you should see a command prompt like: username@YOUR-NAS:~$
To create the link we need Root access by typing the following command:

 sudo su -

You need to fill in your password again and hit enter.
The command prompt changes to root@YOUR-NAS:~$
Now we can create the softlink by using the following command:

ln -s /volume1/@appstore/domoticz /volume1/domoticz

We don't need putty anymore so you can close it now.</br>

Creating the Shared folder

Go back to your Synology Desktop and go to Control Panel=>Shared Folder
And create a new Shared Folder with the same name as used in the softlink (domoticz)
All the other settings are optional, but good practice to limit access to the folder to administrators only.
You can now access the Domoticz installation folder in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. \\YOUR-NAS\domoticz


While the above Symlink option works for sharing a directory, it does not show the Domoticz directory in your Synology File Station. The way around this is to mount a directory inside the publicly accessible part of Volume1.

The mount commando:
/bin/mount --bind /volume1/\@appstore/domoticz/ /volume1/domoticz

Creating the Shared folder

Go to your Synology Desktop and go to Control Panel=>Shared Folder
And create a new Shared Folder called domoticz

Creating the mount script

With Putty (or your SSH tool):

sudo su -
cd /usr/local/etc/rc.d

Create a sh script to mount directories on startup by using a text editor (I use vi).

# mount/bind some folders on startup
# and umount them on shutdown/reboot

case $1 in
        /bin/mount --bind /volume1/\@appstore/domoticz/ /volume1/domoticz
        /bin/umount /volume1/domoticz
        echo "Usage: $0 [start|stop]"

Save the script (in vi you press ESC :wq!)
This should have created the startup script. This takes care of persisting the mount after a reboot/update of your Synology NAS.

Disable SSH
If you don't need SSH on your NAS then it is good practice to disable it again. Control panel=>Terminal & SNMP