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The SolarEdge inverter is used in many voltaic solarcell installations and is worthwhile to integrate into your Domoticz environment.

The integration can be realized in two ways:

1) Changing the so called forward address in the inverter to point to your Domotics device

2) Using the provided API from SolarEdge. See document "monitoring using API" following this link[1].

Changing the forwarding address of your inverter

First of al: Changing the configuration of your inverter is your own responsibility!

Try to get the (old) SolarEdge configuration tool version2 (the current version is version 3). With version 2 you don't need to provide a password to be able to change the configuration of your inverter. With version 3 you need a secret password.

SolarEdge Inverter forward.png

The picture is showing several details of the configuration of the inverter. The red right-angle is the current content of the forwarding address. This forwarding address has to be changed to the IP address of your Domoticz device.

In your Domoticz device you fill in (as forwarding address) the name mentioned in the Red rightangle showed in this picture and portnumber 2222.

Using the provided API key

SolarEdge has implemented an API that provides all needed information that can be displayed and used in your Domoticz environment. In the previous option you needed three pieces of information:

SiteID , Serialnumber of the invertor (no leading zeros, no spaces and in a format like 1Z234567-8Z) and the site API-key.

You have to ask the company that installed the solarpanels to provide you the information. please take good notice that you should receive a "site-API key" and not a "account users API key"!

After you have received the information you add the hardware in Domotics (see picture).

Add hardware.png

Within the newer version of the SolarEdge Monitoring Portal, you can set this up by yourself with an API key that you can generate yourself.

  • Log into your SolarEdge Monitoring Portal,
  • Navigate to "Admin", "Site Access",
  • Scroll down to API key and generate one, and allow it to be used (and press save).


  • In Domoticz, use this API key with the hardware "Solaredge with API".

Domoticz SolarEdge API.JPG

Now you will see in the log that the device is started and if you see a error message like below


you are using the wrong API key (the previous site API key is not working with the new hardware option in Domoticz).

Next you will find new devices in the device overview


that you can add you your known devices.



Enjoy using Domoticz!