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RfLink is a modular radio gateway for your 433Mhz devices. And also some other bands depending on what radio module it's equipped with. It can be bought somewhat assembled in a kit or you can build it from scratch. It uses an arduino mega shield as a base and adds a shield for radio stuff
See RFLink Hardware

List of supported devices by RfLink

Shields and kits can be bought from nodo-shop and the firmware downloaded from here (please support the devs)


First Plugin you RFLink to your Domoticz machine

  • Go to Setup -> Hardware
  • Select Type: RFLink Gateway USB
  • Select correct com port (on rpi ex. /dev/ttyUSB30)
  • Give it a name. Ex RfLink433
  • Push Add

Now if you have "Accept new hardware" enabled under settings, it should start to populate the device list with new devices. Add them by the green arrow.