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Domoticz Python Plugin Manager

Small plugin to install other plugins from a popup list, or/and keep them always up to date.

Compatibility List:

Raspberry Pi - Confirmed

Ubuntu Debian - Confirmed

Windows - Not Supported


• has a predefined list of plugins to be installed

Supported plugins can be found on :

• updates itself on every self.stop() or plugin update

• supports only plugins located on GitHub

• performs plugin installation only if plugin directory not exists

• performs plugin installation and prompts you to restart Domoticz in order to activate it.

• self updates every 24 hours

• update selected plugin (ad-hoc update) every 24 hours

• check for updates for currently installed plugins and notify admin


Navigate to the plugin directory, and install the plugin straight from Github.

cd domoticz/plugins
git clone PP-MANAGER

Next You have to make the file executable. Let's enter the directory and issue the command:

chmod +x

Next, restart Domoticz so that it will find the plugin:

sudo systemctl restart domoticz.service

From now on the plugin should be able to be set-up from the Domoticz interface. Go to Setup, Hardware give it a name and look in the dropdown for Python Plugin Manager. Then click Add at the bottom and voila.

To install a desired plugin:

Remember that some plugins require some prerequisites to be installed first, check for "$" next to.

Also Domoticz restart is required after every plugin installation.

Highlight Python Plugin Manager at the Hardware tab. Go down to Plugin to install: and choose Your plugin. Press Update and restart Domoticz

Go to Setup, Hardware give it a name and look in the dropdown for Your just installed plugin. Then click Add at the bottom.

If you need any help, have some questions or want to contribute