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All philips tv after 2011 has the option to use JSON. (

Among the new features supported:

  • Channels list download and channel selection
  • Sources list download and source selection
  • Audio parameters control
  • Ambilight control
  • Read out system parameters
  • Send basic RC commands

To test all this, use DirectFB voodoo discovery (or the TV menu) to identify the IP address of the TV and then simply connect to: http://ip-address:1925 using your favorite web browsers.

The JSON API documentation is available on the TV. You can also run few examples directly on the TV: Ambilight control: http://ip-address:1925/1/examples/ambilight/ambilight.html Audio control: http://ip-address:1925/1/examples/audio/volume.html You can also browse the JSON API documentation

Use putty to log in.
The following command gave you the needed “root” rights.
sudo –i
download the needed files to your PI
cd /tmp
Extract the files
tar -xvf JSTx-0.24_rpi.tar.bz2
Move the extracted files to the right destination
mv JSTx-0.24 /opt/JSTx
Now you can make the script to use JSTx
In the default Domoticz image is the default location of the script folder
cd /home/pi/domoticz/scripts
now make and edit the script
/opt/JSTx/JSTx -F /opt/JSTx/font/decker.ttf -s 40 -W 1280 -H 720 -w 1200 -h 60 -x 40 -y 40 -t "$*" t -T 5 -b "100,100,100,128" -f "255,255,255,255" --dfb:quiet --remote=<TV IP address>
Press CTRL-X to exit and save it with Y.
Make the script executable.
chmod 777
ready to test, after execute check if the message appear at the TV.
./ Thanks to Pepijn
The only thing you need to do is, gave a switch the text to display.
Go to Switches, choose "Edit". And past this in the on /off action
script:///home/pi/domoticz/scripts/ Kijk ik druk op een knopje

test and be creative! Thanks to pepijn!

See this script for controlling your Philips TV:

Philips 2014/15 TVs

The Jointspace JSON API is available under the /5/ path rather than /1/ path mentioned in the API documentation.

Philips 2016 TVs

The 2016 Android based TVs from Philips expose a subset of the Jointspace JSON API, however it is protected behind a pairing mechanism. The following features are supported:

  • Audio parameters control
  • Ambilight control
  • Read out system parameters
  • Send basic RC commands

The pairing mechanism has been reverse engineered and a basic python script to control these TVs can be found at: