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Nefit Easy Smart Themostat for HR-Boilers This thermostat is also known as:
  • Nefit Easy (Netherlands) [1]
  • Junkers Control CT100 (Belgium)
  • Buderus Logamatic TC100 (Belgium)
  • E.L.M. Touch (France)
  • Worcester Wave (UK)
  • Bosch Control CT‑100 (Other)
The thermostat sends data to a central server at Bosch. With the nefit-easy-server software it is possible to query the Bosch server for data. Detailed info about nefit-easy-server on [2]. Serial-Number, Access-Key can be found on the back of the Thermostat (you have to lift it off the wall) If you forgot your password, you can reset the thermostat

Install nefit-easy-server

Short summary of steps necessary to get the nefit-easy-server installed:

Update Node

curl -sL | sudo -E bash -

apt-get install nodejs

Install pm2 to control the service

npm install pm2 -g

sudo pm2 startup

Install easy server

npm i nefit-easy-http-server -g

Create start script


Use your standard edit to add lines:

Add lines:

/usr/bin/easy-server --serial=your-serial --access-key=your-access --password=your-password --host= >/dev/null

Save your file.

chmod 755

Start script

pm2 start /home/pi/

pm2 save

Check script ....