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Domoticz now has native HTTPS / SSL support since Version 2.2563 (June 14th 2015)

The https port is defined in /etc/init.d/

DAEMON_ARGS="$DAEMON_ARGS -www 8080 -loglevel=normal"
DAEMON_ARGS="$DAEMON_ARGS -log /var/log/domoticz.log"

-sslwww port (for example, -sslwww 443). https runs by default. Set port to 0 to ensure https socket won't be open.

-sslcert file_path (for example, -sslcert "D:\server_cert.pem" or -sslcert /opt/domoticz/server_cert.pem)

If no –sslcert parameter is provided, Domoticz will use a default SSL certificate "server_cert.pem" from its installation folder (emitted for This default certificate will generate a security warning in your browser. But don't care. Accept the certificate and this browser won't bother you anymore.

Domoticz should be now available on

To access the system from outside your network, don't forget in your box/router to forwarding/NAT the ssl port (ie 443) to your system.

Procedure to generate a self certificate :