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So, you've installed Domoticz. That means it's time to connect all kinds of devices, and then create your first automation.

Domoticz can be a bit intense to figure out. But you'll soon get the hang of it.

Connecting your first devices

In the menu of Domoticz you can find links to Hardware, Devices and Settings. What's the difference?

- Hardware is where you connect devices that can talk directly to Domoticz. Examples are some thermostats or mediaplayers. Most like you'll want to install a dongle of some sort that will let you connect to wireless devices that you own. These 'gateways' act like bridges to devices that may communicate via z-wave, Bluetooth, 433Mhz, and so forth.

- Devices. This is an overview page where all the things that your gateways detect will show up. You can then 'import' them into Domoticz by giving them a name and pressing the green import button.

- Settings. This is the page where you will find lots of general settings that relate to Domoticz itself, like setting a password, choosing a theme, or entering your location (which allows your devices to react to the weather, or automatically turn on at night time).

Managing your devices

Once you have added your first devices, other options will become relevant:

- Adding some devices as your 'favourites' by clicking on the yellow star. These devices will show up on your dashboard, to give you easy access.

- Adding a floorplan. If you want you can create a floorplan, and place buttons on there for all your devices. You can even set this as your dashboard if you want.


Once you're familiar and have some devices connected, try creating your first automation. A good staringpoint is the "events" page. Here you can use Blockly, a drag-and-drop interface. On the left you will find your devices and some simple programming-logic blocks. You could try to turn on a device at sunrise for example, or turn it on at a certain temperature (if you have a temperature sensor connected).