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eHouse System (RS-485, CAN, RF, WiFi, LAN) supports IR remote control apparently from application control via main interface. eHouse system can be controlled with Sony (SIRC) IR control signals (any Sony/Universal IR remote controller) - reception of remote controller codes.

eHouse IR Control specification is explained in:

IR codes can be indywidually programmed or used defaults control codes for specific sony remote controller.

eHouse Controllers also have IR transmitter for control external Audio/Video, klima systems (equiped in IR remote controller) eHouse control via Infrared

Macros can be defined containing up to 4 IR codes eg.

  • Turn TV On
  • Turn DVD On
  • Play DVD
  • Switch TV input to DVD

Learned IR codes and macros are added to eHouse system as standard events (commands) which can be launched from the system.

Additionally IR codes alias assignment - redirection (Received=>Transmitted) can be created, where eHouse works as Universal remote controller (pressing Sony IR button - will transsmit IR codes macro or code).

eHouse Pro server also contains IR code assignment (controllers notifies which remote controller receive IR code). Any commands can be be assigned to this codes. eHouse IR codes assignment