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eHouse & Domoticz Configuraton.

eHouse controllers are autonomic microprocessor devices which need preconfiguration before Domoticz integration.

All eHouse Controllers in the installation must be added, named and configured with relevant applications, to be discovered by Domoticz:
- eHouse.exe (RS-485)
- eHouseWiFi.exe (LAN - Ethernet, WiFi)
- WWW via eHouse PRO (eHouse Thermostat, PRO, CAN / RF, RFID)
- file system (Cloud)

1) If you don't want to add some names / devices in Domoticz, place '@' in front of name.
2) All IP controllers (LAN, WiFi, PRO) must have the same settings:
    - Authorization type: XOR Password
    - Password (6 ascii chars)
    - TCP/IP Port: 9876 (default - don't modify)
    - UDP Port: 6789 (default - don't modify)
3) eHouse PRO running and restarting after configuration / names change - neccessary for Auto-Discovery process
4) Start Domoticz application on eHouse PRO server or other machine
    - from PC enter address http://DOMOTICZ_HOST:8080/ in web browser
    - go to Setup -> Hardware
    - Select: eHouse UDP+TCP with LAN Interface
    - Enter Remote address: (default IP for eHouse PRO Server). This addres is used for sending events to NON IP controllers. If address is in 192.168.x.y local network LAN is assumed and Domoticz will capture UDP broadcasts from eHouse (UDP PORT). Otherwise it assums Internet/Intranet and Domoticz will connect to the server IP via TCP/IP protocol directly (TCP PORT). (Assure valid Internet router NAT, Services, and firewall settings).
    - Enter Port: 9876 (default TCP Port)
    - Refresh [ms]: 1000
    - Enable Auto-Discovery. Domoticz will capture all controllers names and devices names (i/o signals). Autodiscovery is initiated a few minutes after starting eHouse Service in Domoticz. After detection of all controllers it could be disabled.
    - Alarm Inputs: should be disabled (displays 3-5 times of input signals for CM/LM/PRO controllers)
    - eHousePRO Enable: should be enabled if You use eHouse PRO, Thermostat and other BMS solutions integrated to eHouse PRO server.
    - Option A, Option B: are debug / admin bitwise flags and should always kept '0' in production installation.
    - Set Password: the same 6 ascii chars as set up for each controllers.
    - Press 'Add' Button. In this moment you should see some results on Domoticz console.

Auto-discovery mode add all uninitialized controllers to Domoticz and all their devices. It will also create RoomPlans for each eHouse Controller. You can change names of devices in Domoticz but newer its Domoticz ID field

More info is available on eHouse Blog eHouse Blog