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This tutorial describes how you can change Domoticz from Sourceforge to Github.

***PLEASE NOTE: This method does not work at the moment and will be updated soon.

This tutorial assumes you have installed cmake (sudo apt-get install cmake).

This tutorial assumes you have installed curl (sudo apt-get install curl libcurl4-openssl-dev).

Steps to perform

  1. First backup your database from the webGUI (Setup > Settings > Backup/Restore > Backup database (in the menu on the righthand side)).
  2. Login via SSH ( ssh pi@ipaddress ).
  3. After you login, check if you are in /home/pi (you can do this by typing cd /home/pi/ and then pressing enter).
  4. Make sure you've got the domoticz.db backup file. If you do, stop Domoticz by entering the following command sudo service stop.
  5. Getting the source code: git clone
  6. Then go into the newly created folder cd
  7. Enter the following command cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release CMakeLists.txt.
  8. Then enter the following command make.
  9. Rename the folder of the old version (domoticz) in to domoticz.old, by entering mv domoticz domoticz.old .
  10. Rename the folder of the new version ( in to domoticz, by entering mv domoticz .
  11. Finally, start Domoticz using the following command sudo service start.
  12. Restore your database from your previous setup (Setup > Settings > Backup/Restore > Restore database (in the menu on the right)).
  13. Copy the files from domoticz.old\scripts to domoticz\scripts, you can do this by entering the command cp -a /home/pi/domoticz.old/scripts/. /home/pi/domoticz/scripts/.
  14. Copy the files from domoticz.old\www\switch_icons.txt to domoticz\www cp -a /home/pi/domoticz.old/www/switch_icons.txt /home/pi/domoticz/www/.
  15. Copy the files from domoticz.old\www\images to domoticz\www\images cp -a /home/pi/domoticz.old/www/images/. /home/pi/domoticz/www/images/.
  16. Finally, restart the whole service by entering sudo service domoticz restart