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Multiple Newsfeeds

You can define multiple newsfeed in the Blocks section of the CONFIG.js.
The first newsfeed is the defined in Custom Parameters: config['default_news_url'] = 'http://www.nu.nl/rss/algemeen';
The next newsfeed(s) have to look like this

blocks['news_2'] = {}
blocks['news_2']['feed'] = 'http://feeds.feedburner.com/tweakers/nieuws';

You can use it by putting it into a Column statement

columns[1]['blocks'] = ['news_2'];

Informatie.jpgREMARK: In some cases the Newsfeed wouldn't load and you get NO results. You have to put https://crossorigin.me/ or https://cors-anywhere.herokuapp.com/ before the newsfeed-url, like:

blocks['news_2'] = {}
blocks['news_2']['feed'] = 'https://crossorigin.me/http://feeds.feedburner.com/tweakers/nieuws';

Using Frames in a block

You can use frames in a block. You have to add the following code into the CONFIG.js file.

var frames = {}
frames.weather = {refreshiframe:10000,height:500,frameurl:"http://iltasanomat.weatherproof.fi/tutka.php?map=Etel%C3%A4-Suomi",width:12}

You can use it by putting it into a Column statement

columns[1]['blocks'] = [frames.weather];

Informatie.jpgREMARK: Too many frames can cause the Dashboard to load slow!!

Adjusting brightness Raspberry touchscreen

Dashticz allows the original touchscreen brightness to be changed when entering the standby mode. Pre-requirements: Enable the running of CGI script in apache:

Install the Raspberry brightness API:

Create a CGI script with the folowing code:

print "Content-type:text/html\r\n\r\n"

import sys, getopt
import rpi_backlight as bl
import cgi
import cgitb; cgitb.enable() # Optional; for debugging onl

fs = cgi.FieldStorage()
for key in fs.keys():
	if key == 'brightness':
		arg = (fs[key].value)
brightness = int(float(arg))

#get state currently not working in API
currentstate = bl.get_power()
#print 'Current state = ', currentstate, '\n'

if brightness == 0:
	print 'turn screen off\n'
elif brightness <= 10:
	print 'no valid brightness <11-255> off = 0'
	print 'Set brightness to ', brightness
	if currentstate == False:
		print 'Turn on screen, '

Save the screen as screen_brightness.cgi in the CGI-Bin directory.

Enter the URL into the Dashticz variale with a valid value: 11-255 or 0 for off.


For items which have logging and data within Domoticz, it is possible to show the graph in Dashticz v2.0.
Just click on the icon of the device and a graph appear.

Switch Title & Value

Some like to switch the Title and the Value in a statusblock. This can be done with 'switch'

blocks[5] = {} //CPU
blocks[5]['width'] = 6;
blocks[5]['icon'] = 'fa-line-chart';
blocks[5]['switch'] = true;

The result:

Custom Station Clock

This is an 'old fashioned' station clock. http://www.3quarks.com/en/StationClock

config['boss_stationclock'] = 'RedBoss';
config['hide_seconds_stationclock'] = 0;
Parameter Description
config['hide_seconds_stationclock'] = 0; 0 / 1; shows second hand if variable config['hide_seconds_stationclock'] is set to 1
config['boss_stationclock'] 'RedBoss'; shows hands red axis cover; Options: NoBoss / BlackBoss / RedBoss / ViennaBoss

Add the next code into the blocks part:

columns[1]['blocks'] = ['stationclock']

The result:


Multiple Dashboards

It is possible to use multiple dashboards.
If you want to use a slightly different version of Dashticz on another device, you can open index2.html on that device.

  • Copy the custom folder to custom_2 folder
    • It uses the custom.css,custom.js and config.js from custom_2-folder.
  • Copy the index.html to index2.html
  • Edit the index2.html and change the line var dashtype=1; to var dashtype=2;
  • Call the URL /<dashtics v2 folder>/index2.html

Want to have a third one (for example your mobile device) ? Just repeat these steps for custom_3 and var dashtype=3;

Dv2-home.png Dv2-custom.png
Dashticz V2.0 Main Page Custom JS