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Dashticz v2.0 can be configured by editing the CONFIG.js file.
This file you can find in the subfolder [dashticz]\custom.

TIP! If CUSTOM POSITIONING is not working check if you have uncomment all lines from the blocks/colums/screens you want.

In the following part, the CONFIG.js is devided in sections. For each section there will be an explanation how to use.


var config = {}
config['language'] = 'nl_NL'; //or: en_US, de_DE, fr_FR, hu_HU, it_IT, pt_PT, sv_SE
config['domoticz_ip'] = '';
config['domoticz_refresh'] = '5';
config['dashticz_refresh'] = '60';

Parameter Description
config['language'] can be used to select the language, Dutch (nl_NL), English (en_US), German (de_DE),French (fr_FR), Hungarian (hu_HU), Italian (it_IT), Portuguese (pt_PT), or Swedish (sv_SV)
config['domoticz_ip'] is the URL to your Domoticz installation (with the correct PORT address)
config['domoticz_refresh'] the refresh rate of Dashticz v2.0 to get information from Domoticz
config['dashticz_refresh'] the refresh rate of the Dashticz v2.0 Dashboard

Custom Parameters

config['domoticz_ip'] = '';
config['user_name'] = 'domoticz username';
config['pass_word'] = 'domoticz password';
config['loginEnabled'] = 0;
config['app_title'] = 'Dashticz';
config['domoticz_refresh'] = '5';
config['dashticz_refresh'] = '60';
config['default_news_url'] = 'http://www.nu.nl/rss/algemeen';
config['news_scroll_after'] = '7';
config['standby_after'] = 0;
config['auto_swipe_back_to'] = 1;
config['auto_swipe_back_after'] = '10';
config['auto_slide_pages'] = 0;
config['slide_effect'] = 'slide';
config['standard_graph'] = 'month';
config['language'] = 'nl_NL';
config['timeformat'] = 'DD-MM-YY HH:mm';
config['calendarformat'] = 'dd DD.MM HH:mm';
config['calendarlanguage'] = 'nl_NL';
config['calendarurl'] = 0;
config['boss_stationclock'] = 'RedBoss';
config['gm_api'] = 'AIzaSyD9fNWJVBKWzJwwPiovjDYabTFc0n22AAw';
config['gm_zoomlevel'] = 0;
config['gm_latitude'] = 0;
config['gm_longitude'] = 0;
config['wu_api'] = 'a14940b730424939';
config['wu_city'] = 'Eindhoven';
config['wu_name'] = '';
config['wu_country'] = 'NL';
config['idx_moonpicture'] = 0;
config['switch_horizon'] = 0;
config['host_nzbget'] = '';
config['spot_clientid'] = '1112f16564cf4f4d93ccbe8b52c58a44';
config['selector_instead_of_buttons'] = 0;
config['auto_positioning'] = 1;
config['use_favorites'] = 1;
config['last_update'] = 1;
config['hide_topbar'] = 0;
config['hide_seconds'] = 0;
config['hide_seconds_stationclock'] = 0;
config['use_fahrenheit'] = 0;
config['use_beaufort'] = 0;
config['translate_windspeed'] = 1;
config['static_weathericons'] = 1;
config['hide_mediaplayer'] = 0;
config['settings_icons'] = ["settings", "fullscreen"];
config['shortdate'] = 'D MMM';
config['longdate'] = 'D MMMM YYYY';
config['shorttime'] = 'HH:mm';
config['longtime'] = 'HH:mm:ss';
config['weekday'] = 'dddd';
config['no_rgb'] = 1;
config['standby_call_url'] = '' ;
config['standby_call_url_on_end'] = '' ;
config['hide_off_button'] = 1;

Paramater Value Description
config['domoticz_ip'] = ''; IP Address and Portnumber of your Domoticz installation
config['user_name'] = 'username' Domoticz username
config['pass_word'] = 'password' Domoticz password
config['loginEnabled'] = 0 / 1 Enable if you want a login form to dashticz
config['app_title'] 'Dashticz' Name of the Dashboard - Shows in the Topbar (see also: http://www.domoticz.com/wiki/Dashticz_V2_-_Custom_Applications#Module_-_Topbar)
config['domoticz_refresh'] [SECONDS] Number of seconds to get the information from Domoticz
config['dashticz_refresh'] [SECONDS] Number of seconds to refresh the Dashticz Dashboard
config['default_news_url'] [RSSFEED URL] e.g. 'http://www.nu.nl/rss/algemeen'

if this doesn't work, try adding 'https://cors-anywhere.herokuapp.com/' in front of the URL (i.e. 'https://cors-anywhere.herokuapp.com/http://www.nu.nl/rss/algemeen')

config['news_scroll_after'] [SECONDS] Enter the ammount in seconds (delay)
config['standby_after'] 0 / [MINUTES] Enter the amount of minutes like: 5 (5 minutes)
config['auto_swipe_back_to'] [SCREEN NR] when no activity, swipe back to the selected screen
config['auto_swipe_back_after'] [SECONDS] Define the seconds after swiping back to the selected screen
config['auto_slide_pages'] false / [SECONDS] Loop all pages and change page every x (min. 5) seconds, set config['auto_swipe_back_after'] = 0
config['slide_effect'] 'slide' or 'fade' or 'cube' or 'coverflow' or 'flip' Control which Screenslider effect you prefer
config['standard_graph'] [HOUR/MONTH/DAY] Default Graph shown on the Dashticz Dashboard
config['language'] [LANGUAGE] Default language of Dashticz
config['timeformat'] [TIMEFORMAT] Configure the TimeFormat - Default: 'DD-MM-YY HH:mm'
config['calendarformat'] [CALENDARFORMAT] Configure the Calendar Date/Time format - Default: 'dd DD.MM HH:mm'
config['calendarlanguage'] [LANGUAGE] Controls the weather dates and garbage pickup dates language
config['calendarurl'] [URL] Configure your Calendar URL if only 1 Calendar (ICS)
config['boss_stationclock'] NoBoss / BlackBoss / RedBoss / ViennaBoss Configure you're type of clock - Default: RedBoss
config['gm_api'] [API KEY] API Key to use with the Google Maps functionality
config['gm_latitude'] [LATITUDE] Enter the Latitude to use within Google Maps
config['gm_longitude'] [LONGITUDE] Enter the Longitude to use within Google Maps
config['gm_zoomlevel'] [ZOOMLEVEL] Enter a number between 1..15 to determine the area shown in the map. 1 = Whole world, higher number smaller are, more detail.
config['wu_api'] [API KEY] Put here your API key for Wundergrond Weather. You can get a API key at https://www.wunderground.com/weather/api/d/pricing.html '. Edit: You can no longer get a free API key from Wunderground'
config['wu_city'] [CITY] Put here your weather city
config['wu_country'] [COUNTRY] Put here your weather country
config['wu_name'] [CITY] Alternative display name of your city
config['idx_moonpicture'] = 0; [IDX] The IDX number from the user variable MoonPicture (see also https://www.domoticz.com/wiki/Dashticz_V2_-_Custom_Applications#Module_-_Moonphases)
config['switch_horizon'] [ZIGGO URL] (Only Dutch users) If you have a Ziggo Horizon box, you can add this here
config['host_nzbget'] [IP ADDRESS:PORT NUMBER] Configure the IP Address and Portnumber of your NZB Host
config['spot_clientid'] [CLIENTID] Configure your Spotify Client ID (see also https://www.domoticz.com/wiki/Dashticz_V2_-_Custom_Applications#Module_-_Spotify)
config['selector_instead_of_buttons'] 0 / 1 Show selector as buttons (0) or dropdown menu (1)
config['auto_positioning'] 0 / 1 Configure the ability to define your own positioning for the buttons (in combination with config['use_favorites'])
config['use_favorites'] 0 / 1 If use auto positioning, then this item should be 1
config['last_update'] 0 / 1 Show when the device is updated for the last time
config['hide_topbar'] 0 / 1 Hide or Show topbar (see also: http://www.domoticz.com/wiki/Dashticz_V2_-_Custom_Applications#Module_-_Topbar)
config['hide_seconds'] 0 / 1 Show the seconds of the clock
config['hide_seconds'] 0 / 1 Configure if you like to show seconds in the Time (Titlebar / block)
config['hide_seconds_stationclock'] 0 / 1 Configure if you like to show seconds in the StationClock
config['use_fahrenheit'] 0 / 1 Select temperature in Celcius (Default) of Fahrenheit
config['use_beaufort'] 0 / 1 Use Bft instead of m/s for windspeed
config['translate_windspeed'] 0 / 1 For windspeed use north northwest instead of NNW
config['static_weathericons'] 0 / 1 Use Static or 'moving' weather icons
config['hide_mediaplayer'] 0 / 1 When you have a mediaplayer connected, hide it when nothing is playing
config['selector_instead_of_buttons'] 0 / 1 Use buttons for the selector switch in stead of the dropdown menu
config['settings_icons'] ["settings", "fullscreen"] Show the given icons if the settings block is selected. Available: "settings", "fullscreen"
config['shortdate'] 'D MMM' Short format for dates, see https://momentjs.com/ for all options.
config['longdate'] 'D MMMM YYYY' Long format for dates, see https://momentjs.com/ for all options.
config['shorttime'] HH:mm Short format for time, see https://momentjs.com/ for all options.
config['longtime'] HH:mm:ss Long format for time, see https://momentjs.com/ for all options.
config['weekday'] 'dddd' Format to show the weekday, see https://momentjs.com/ for all options.
config['no_rgb'] 0 / 1 Hide or show RGB button on switch
config['standby_call_url'] [URL] Enter the url for adjusting the brightness when entering stand-by mode
config['standby_call_url_on_end'] [URL] Enter the url for adjusting the brightness when exiting stand-by mode
config['hide_off_button'] 0 / 1 Hide off button of selector switch


By default Dashticz v2.0 comes with several predefined buttons.
Buttons or images to open webpages in an iframe, like a news website or weather forecast.
The buttons can be used, by putting them in the desired place, defined in the part CUSTOM POSITIONING.

var buttons = {}
buttons.buienradar = {width:12, isimage:true, refreshimage:60000, image: 'http://api.buienradar.nl/image/1.0/RadarMapNL?w=285&h=256', url: 'http://www.weer.nl/verwachting/nederland/son/189656/'}
buttons.radio = {width:12, image: 'img/radio_on.png', title: 'Radio', url: 'http://nederland.fm'}
buttons.nunl = {width:12, icon: 'fa-newspaper-o', title: 'Nu.nl', url: 'http://www.nu.nl'}
buttons.webcam = {width:12, isimage:true, refresh:2000, image: 'http://ip_url_to_webcam', url: 'http://ip_url_to_webcam'}
buttons.log = {key:'log', width:12, icon:'fa-microchip', title: 'Domoticz Log', log:true, level: 2}

Parameter Description
var buttons = {} Mandatory - Defines the buttons section
buttons.buienradar width - defines the width of the button (default = 12)

isimage (true/false) - defines if you want to display an image for buienradar refreshimage:60000 - defines the refresh time of the image (in ms) image - defines the image you want to display (isimage:true) url - defines the url for the buienradar (change for your location)

buttons.radio width - defines the width of the button (default = 12)

image - defines the image (default = 'img/radio_on.png') title- defines the title (default = 'Radio') url - defines the url for radio (default = 'http://nederland.fm)

buttons.nunl width defines the width of the button (default = 12)

icon - defines the button icon (default = 'fa-newspaper-o') title - defines the title (default = 'Nu.nl') url - defines the url for nu.nl (default = 'http://www.nu.nl')

buttons.webcam width - defines the width of the button (default = 12)

isimage (true/false) - defines if you want to display an image for the webcam refreshimage:2000 - defines the refresh time of the image (in ms) image - defines the image you want to display (isimage:true) url - defines the url for the webcam (change for your location)

buttons.log key:'log', width:12, icon:'fa-microchip', title: 'Domoticz Log', log:true, level: 2

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Dashticz V2.0 Main Page Positioning