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Creating a Custom status page

In the www folder there is an example file called 'frontpage_example.html' that shows you how you could create a custom status page
This example is for an iPad and is borrowed from BiWired (hope you dont mind, else please tell me and i change the layout)
This feature is available from Domoticz version 1.1534. So upgrade your Domoticz if required.
Have a look at this forum topic for some almost ready to use examples:


The statuspage needs the roomnumber to grab the status of the devices you placed in that roomplan. You have to create a room for this layout and place all devices you want to present on this page in this room.
But instead of creating different rooms, you could also use roomplan 0 (zero), which contains all devices present in your Domoticz installation. With a lot of devices in Domoticz, choosing this roomplan might cause Domoticz to be slow.

Now copy the frontpage_example.html to another file, for example frontpage.html
in this file change $.roomplan at the bottom and the domoticz url $.domoticzurl you have to customize this page, and also customize the $.PageArray
idx is the Domoticz device index
value is the JSON-tag you would like to display. So for a switch it displays "Status": "Off", and you would like to display 'Off' so you use 'Status' (without quotes)
label is the HTML id of the destination
comment can be anything, i use it to specify the sensor name

The value can be found at The output can be made better readable by pasting it into or

The final page can be found at http://IP_OF_YOUR_DOMOTICZ:8080/frontpage.html
If you want to view it from an external location i would recommend using a VPN to login to your home network.


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