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New to Domoticz? Have a look at the Getting started page to connect your first devices, services or gateways.

Domoticz connects a lot of devices, so it's not surprising that there are a lot of settings you can dive into.

- Some devices can be directly connected to Domoticz. An example would be a smart thermostat like the Eneco Toon thermostat.
- Others connect via Gateways. These are devices that enable access to a whole family of new things. An example would be a 433Mhz radiotransmitter or any other device that acts as a bridge.
- Domoticz can also interact with internet services, such as FibaroLink.

There's a great app as well. And you can even connect your media player.

More general details about types of devices you can connect can be found at these pages:
List of supported devices
Application Settings
Hardware Setup
Camera Setup


Once Domoticz is installed it's a good idea to secure it. You can secure your Domoticz installation in numerous ways, from setting a password to enabling encrypted communication. Examples are: Secure Remote Access
Setting up device sharing
Automated banning of IP that fails to login multiple times - Using 'fail2ban' to make your system more secure.
Native HTTPS / SSL support
Native secure access with Lets Encrypt


Lost username/password