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The list will come in hand, when you want to start up or expand with Domoticz, lot's of products from one reliable shop. And I know, there are more compatible products, but this page is only for the products that are available at GearBest.

If you have devices like doorbells/ipcams,sensors or other products available on GearBest that are compatible (tested by yourself), please tell me, so I can add it to the list.

An up-to-date list I placed on my site:

I try to review all items and place Discount coupons deals

Raspberry pi basics

Raspberry 3 ABS Case Protective Box - BLACK DYS 5V 4A Power Supply Adapter for Raspberry Pi - BLACK (don’t use cheap 2a chargers) Class 10 Micro Sd


Xiaomi Gateway LED, (besides a gateway also a Speaker/Alarm, Illumination Sensor This one is needed in order for all other devices to work Human Body Sensor (Motion Sensor) Wireless Smart Switch Door/Window Sensor
Temperature and Humidity Sensor Smart Socket/Plug - Zigbee version (The WiFi version is not supported) Xiaomi Mi Smart Cube (Xiaomi Mi Magic Controller) Wireless Aqara Switch (Dual Button)
Wireless Aqara Switch (Single Button) Wired Aqara Switch (Dual Button) (uses UK Wall Box) Wired Aqara Switch (Single Button) (uses UK Wall Box) Smoke Detector
Gas Leak Detector Window Door Sensor Temperature Humidity Sensor Water Sensor *this sensor currently requires the Beta version of Domoticz

more info:


Xiaomi camera.png


GC00AM NAS - PD01Z Z-Wave PIR Motion Sensor - EU VERSION WHITE GC00AM NAS - WR01ZE Z-Wave Smart Socket - EU PLUG WHITE NEO Coolcam NAS - SC01ZE - 1 Light Switch - EU 1GANG WHITE GC00AM NAS - DS01Z Door Window Sensor - EU FREQUENCY WHITE NEO Coolcam NAS - WS01Z Z-wave Water Sensor - EU PLUG WHITE


Original Xiaomi Yeelight 220V E27 Smart LED Bulb - WHITE Xiaomi Yeelight AC220V RGBW E27 Smart LED Bulb - SILVER Xiaomi Mijia Smart LED Desk Lamp - WHITE Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling Light - WHITE Yeelight Smart Light Strip - RGB COLOR 19

IR and RF

Broadlink  RM2 Device Broadlink  A1 Device Broadlink  SP2/SP3/SP3S Device Broadlink  MP1 Device


MiLight 2.4G WiFi LED Light Strip Controller Milight E27 6W 2.4Ghz Wireless RGBW Dimming LED Bulb AC 86 - 265V - RGB + WARM WHITE MiLight WiFi LED Spot Bulb - RGB + WARM WHITE RGBW MiLight RF Remote Controller


SONOFF POW WiFi Wireless Smart Switch SONOFF Touch WiFi Wireless Remote Control Wall Timing Switch - EU VERSION SONOFF Touch WiFi Wireless Remote Control Wall Timing Switch - US VERSION SONOFF BASIC WiFi Wireless Smart Switch for DIY Home Safety SONOFF S20 WiFi Smart Switch Socket for Home Safety - US PLUG


JIAWEN E27 9W Smart RGB Bulb Wireless APP Control Working with Zigbee Hub AC 100 - 240V  -  SNOW WHITE not tested by me yet, but looks promising and much cheaper then hue or ikea tradfri.


Nodemcu ESP8266 gear ESP8266 gear


video / network doorbells

arduino (for rflink)

433 devices