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This is a theme for Domoticz. That adds a lot of features via javascript.
The goal is to create a more accessible experience to beginners, and more features for fans. At this moment works only with Domoticz BETA.
Made in 2017/2018 bij Tijmen Schep.
Aurora theme faded.png


On your Raspbery Pi, go into the Domoticz directory via the terminal/ssh:

cd domoticz/www/styles
git clone aurora
sudo /etc/init.d/ restart


cd domoticz/www/styles/aurora
git pull

Then you might have to push reset to default in theme settings in gui and clean browser cache.


Aurora is a Theme under developement.
It's now (Feb 2018) quite stable and looks promising

Theme Settings

Theme adds an extra page for theme specific settings and a About file where settings are explained Accessible under Setup -> settings -> Theme

Some Nice Features

Iframe display of external webpage
Show external webpage on your dashboard in a box

Dashboard Data Visualizations
This overlays a datavisualisation/graph for certain items. They get complete charts for the past 24 hours.

Dashboard Highlights
This super-sizes the first three items for each category.

Dashboard Merge temperature and weather
This merges these two categories into one "environment" category. Weather items are shown at the top. This is very useful if a vertical columns display is used on smaller screens, because vertical columns only activates if there is enough space for it.

Dashboard Merge Items With Same Name
This merges most items that have the same name before a dash (ex Temp-A and Temp-B). It places all their data into a smaller list view

Navigation Main/Settings Sidemenu
This moves the main menu and or settings to the left side of the screen.

Camera previews
This allows you to see webcam output right on the dashboard.

Privacy for switches hides both the log output and the last update time for switches and scenes.

Extra's and Animations
Adds some pretty details like barometer backgrounds and small animations on icons.


Report bugs, contribute to theme Aurora theme on github
Forum link