Aeotec Minimote

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Aeotec Minimote

This page is about the Aeotec Minimote by Aeon Labs.
Model number: DSA03202B-ZWEU


The Aeotec Minimote is one of the few available remote options for Z-Wave networks. Getting this little remote to work with Domoticz can be difficult. On this page you will find the steps that you have to take to get it working.
This page was created with the help of this forum topic and the manual for the Minimote.

Note: There are 2 different minimotes with different labeling. The Scene buttons are numbered, and the buttons under the panel are different.

+ Button = Include Button
- Button = Exclude Button
Blank Button = Associate Button
Join Button = Learn Button


Firmware version

Make sure you Minimote is on at least firmware version 1.19

Including the Minimote as secondary controller

Now it's time to include the Minimote as secondary controller to your Z-Wave network.
This part is tricky, you might have to retry this a couple of times.

  1. Press the Minimote button labeled Learn or Join – The blue LED will blink slowly.
  2. Press the button labeled "Include" on your Z-Wave controller.
    The blue and red LEDs will blink quickly to indicate detection of the other Z-Wave controller
  3. The blue LED will stay solid for 2 seconds to indicate success; the red LED will stay solid for 2 seconds to indicate failure.

Check the Domoticz logs or your Z-Wave logs to see if the inclusion was successful.

Changing Settings

Before we can use the Minimote in Domoticz we have to change the parameter: 250. Mode: Group

By default it should be on Group. We have to change that to Scene. Before you press the Apply configuration for this device button you have to wake up your Minimote so it will receive the changed parameter. Again a tricky part.

  1. Press and hold the button labeled Learn or Join for 3 seconds
    The Minimote will stay awake for 30 seconds.
  2. The blue LEDs will stay solid for 2 seconds to indicate success.

As soon as you see that the remote has been woken up, press the Apply configuration for this device.

Using the Minimote with Domoticz

You can use the Minimote with Domoticz only to control scenes. So after you created a scene you can add the Minimote as activation device.

  1. Go to the Scenes page in Domoticz
  2. Edit the Scene that you want to control with Domoticz
  3. Press the Add Device button
  4. Press the button on the Minimote that you want to use
    You can use a short press or long press

Domoticz will let you know if everything went well or not. If it worked, you will see a new number in the table/IDX column. The name will be unknown for now. Let's change that to something usefull.

Changing the newly added button

When you added the button to the Scene you also added a new device in the Devices list in Domoticz.

  1. Go to Setup -> Devices
  2. Click the All Devices button
  3. Click the IDX header twice to sort it descending
    Your Minimote Button should be the top device
  4. Click the Green Arrow at the end of the line to rename the device and add it to the Switches page or
  5. Click the Edit icon to only rename the device.