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As mentioned, Domoticz is free and open source. It can be used on Raspberry Pi, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and embedded devices. The system is designed to operate in various operating systems. The user-interface is a scalable HTML5 web frontend, and is automatically adapted for desktop and mobile devices. Domoticz is compatible with all browsers. Please note for Internet explorer users: You need version 10+.
The first release of Domoticz was in december 2012.

Software architecture

Domoticz is written in C++.

It uses it's own embedded web server, written in C++, for efficient execution and to avoid dependencies.

Event Handling logic is user-programmable, using either Blockly (for visual coding using interlocking graphics) or Lua (a rich script programming language ideal for embedded solutions).

<..to be extended..>


Donations are more than welcome and will be used to buy new hardware, devices and sensors so they can be implemented in Domoticz. Please refer to the Domoticz website for details on how to donate.

Domoticz team

-under construction-
Behind Domoticz is a group of people, who contribute to the Domoticz project on a completely voluntary base.
Ofcourse there is 'gizmocuz', the developer of Domoticz. He works on Domoticz almost daily!
He is supported by some other developers. <.... extension needed ...>

Ofcourse there are also other members, like those who maintain the forum (10 persons) and those who keep the wiki up to date.
But in fact, every member is part of the team, as everyone can contribute to this project!