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First Stop Domoticz

Download and install the OneWireDomoticzServiceInstaller.msi from here

With a serial adapter, update the OneWireDomoticzServiceConfig.xml in the OneWireDomoticzService installation directory (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Domoticz\OneWireDomoticzService), with this content (update adapter name and COM port with your values), and restart the service :

  <adapter name="{DS9097U_DS948X}" port="COM1"/>

Supported adapter names are : {DS9097E}, {DS9097U_DS948X}, {DS9490}, NetAdapter

USB DS9490 adapter should be auto discovered, it doesn't need the OneWireDomoticzServiceConfig.xml file.

Restart Domoticz


There are two methods to use 1-Wire devices


Follow this guide to connect and install 1-Wire support
How to Setup 1-Wire

When the above is working, do not forget to include the two modules in /etc/modules, otherwise after the next reboot it is not working anymore.

sudo vi /etc/modules

Add the following two modules (on separate lines):


Note: When using GPIO, set OWFS Path to nothing. After adding 1-wire (system) the sensors will eventually show up in the log.


Follow this guide to connect and install OWFS - 1-Wire support
How to Setup OWFS

Restart domoticz, and 1-wire support should now be detected, and you are able to add a new hardware device (1-Wire)

Note: to be detected by Domoticz, the 1-wire filesystem must be mounted as /mnt/1wire

Disable 1-wire

Add this line to crontab (sudo crontab -e):
@reboot sudo rmmod w1_gpio