Retreive history data of shared devices

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Retreive history data of shared devices

Post by flacombe » Sunday 09 December 2018 0:08

Hi all,

This is my first post there, I've been using domoticz for 2 years now.
I use to monitor several different places with it so I share local devices to a remote central instance of Domoticz.

The network isn't always perfectly running between a given place and the remote Domoticz.
I can have several days missing on the central node due to network outages.

I would find great that a remote Domoticz can ask for history data of a shared device as to get missing data points.
Do you think it's possible to implement such a feature?
This will work if and only if data are available on the local node, obviously.

I don't know how to deal with this since I've never look into the Domoticz code.

All the best

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