Speedtest problems

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Speedtest problems

Post by rednas » Tuesday 04 December 2018 11:08


I am having some problems with speedtest.
My internet connection should be 80Mb down and 8Mb up. When I run the speedtest in the browser on my laptop it shows good values.
However, on my raspberry pi with domoticz it shows much lower values. This is happening since I got a new router from KPN and at the same time there was a failure in a fibre optic network.
I am getting ping values of 16-20s at a location within 50km, download speeds of 4-5Mbit/s and upload speeds of 3Mbit/s.
Does someone know what is happening?


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Re: Speedtest problems

Post by emme » Tuesday 04 December 2018 12:06

raspberry PI3 and previous have the Ethernet port upon the USB bus
this means that the theoretical speed of 480Mbs (nominal USB2 speed) is shared among the USB devices.
PI3 is 100Mbit, you will never get a value around it
More... speedtest works by getting the amount of FREE bandhwith, so if the port is busy doing something else you could get lower values

basically you will never get a reliable value by using the PI3 ethernet port.

What you can try is:
- move the ethernet port of the PI3 from the router to a switch connected to the router (sometimes carrier modems use to switch/filter some packets)
- disable WiFi if is not needed
- perform the test while other threads on PI are low on CPU (by night?)

I had the same problem and at the end I choose to move to a PI3b+ (1Gb directly connected to the CPU BUS) and now I get good values
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