EV1527 RF433 touch switch and toggle

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EV1527 RF433 touch switch and toggle

Post by haajee » Sunday 02 December 2018 23:15

Hello everyone,

First of all sorry for my maybe noob question but i can't get it work correctly. I have the latest beta domoticz version good running on Armbian OrangePi PC. It works great also with my RFLink device.

But i havve also three EV1527 wireless touch switches. Like these one. These are now working with espurna on my Sonoff RF bridge. The reason: i can't get it work correctly with Domoticz. In Espurna can i program the switches by pressing the same button on and off and it works like that. In Domoticz goes the switch on but never by a press off. I think i need to make it toggle. But i have search a lot and get not clear step by step to working.

Could someone help me please?

Thank you!

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