RFXtrx433 NoiseLevel questions

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RFXtrx433 NoiseLevel questions

Post by DenisMartin » Saturday 10 November 2018 15:39

Hi all,

In hardware viewer, noise level measured by RFXtrx is displayed in dB :
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On RFXCOM blog it's written that a level at 92 or below is ok with the standard antenna.

When I asked, the RFXCOM support answer me that the value of RF noise level that come from the RFXtrx is not a dBm value but a converted voltage level. I assume that it is kind of an amplitude detected by a power detector.

If so, imho, there is three options :
- If the 'converted voltage' is given in linear scale and we can convert it to dBm
Convert the voltage from RFXtrx to a negative dBm and display it like -80dBm
The lower the better (-92dBm is less noisy than -80dBm)

- If the 'converted voltage' is given in linear scale and we can't convert it to dBm.
Keep the voltage as it is, but remove the 'dB' mention on the hardware screen
The lower the better because it's related to 'noise amplitude' (60 is better than 90)

- If the 'converted voltage' is given in logarithmic scale, displaying it in dB is correct (and my post is useless ;) )

What do you think ?

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