Netatmo Not Working

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Netatmo Not Working

Post by StephaneM60 » Saturday 10 November 2018 13:57


I'm currently using Domoticz version 4.9960 on a Windows PC and I'm experiencing issues with the Netatmo plugin.

My Netatmo hardware : Thermostat + Radiator Valves and Weather Station

I noticed that I'm not receiving any data and that the worker is restarted every 5 min (and this may be the case for months)

Also since 11/03/2018 the indoor temperature sensor for the weather station is never updated (the outdoor is fine). I removed the Netatmo hardware, added it back and now this sensor is missing.

And finally : I see the thermostat (as I always have) but cannot see a radiator valve at all...

Is something wrong with my setup or did Netatmo changed anything and can I do something to help figuring out this issue ?

Thank you for any help you can give me to troubleshoot this.

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Re: Netatmo Not Working

Post by dextm80 » Wednesday 14 November 2018 23:50

i've this error sometimes:

Code: Select all

 2018-11-14 18:13:56.679 Error: Netatmo: Error connecting to Server... 
but i retreive data by sensors
there is a bug with plugin?
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