RFlink/RFXtrx433E conflict.

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RFlink/RFXtrx433E conflict.

Post by JohanG » Thursday 08 November 2018 23:42

I'm playing now 6 weeks with Domoticz and have a question/problem.
I have as tranceivers RFlink, RFXtrx433E and MySensors connected.
When I learn a new Kaku switch to my system with the remote controller I see a new device under the hardware RFlink. I cannot choose RFlink or RFXtrx433E.
When I allow new devices for 5 mins. I find also new switches for the hardware RFXtrx433E.
These switches have ID 2221000, name unknown, type lightning 2, subtype AC.
Why is RFXtrx433E without any command making these switches, how can I remove them and how can I prevent RFXtrx433E making these actions.

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