Temperature sensoring station

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Temperature sensoring station

Post by puls8 » Monday 05 November 2018 17:33

Hi all,

Since some time I can't connect to my Nest thermostat (both plugins don't work); never mind, that is another topic.

I was thinking to make a temperature measuring station to control the heating of my house. I want to buy a few DS18B20 sensors and connect them to the GPIO of a raspberry zero W. Now my question: Is running domoticz as a (slave) controller on a zero a good idea? It's cheap, low power consumption and can send it's data via wireless to my master domoticz station...

Any input appreciated...

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Re: Temperature sensoring station

Post by gerardvs » Monday 05 November 2018 18:47

You could go way cheaper, simpler and less power with an ESP8266 and one or more ds1820.
Or if you intent to use more sensors in the future you could have a look at Mysensors.
I use both but will migrate in time all sensors to the Mysensors network.

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