Dynamic (sleeping) or dead?

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Dynamic (sleeping) or dead?

Post by przemhb » Saturday 13 October 2018 10:16

I am wondering if a node which:
- was last seen 13 days ago,
- is set to 24h wakeup interval,
- for which OZW reports "dynamic (sleeping)" status,
- wasn't moved,
- for which controller has direct route,
- for which heal doesn't work,
- which has still good battery,
- was triggered many times, yet doesn't report it,
isn't in fact dead?

The node is door sensor. Is there something I could do apart from factory reset and re-including it? I've tried to exclude it, but despite it is some 4m from the controller (Aeotec Z-Stick Gen 5), I couldn't.
Previously to include it I have performed it's factory reset, but I had to performed it a few dozens times until the node was eventually included. I don't know why it is so resistant.

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