Action New Kaku switch settings

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Action New Kaku switch settings

Post by freijn » Friday 12 October 2018 20:26

Hello all,

I have bought the new set of Kaku from the Dutch shop "Action"

Learning the switch via using the hardware commander the following line does appear in the log's

2018-10-12 20:16:46.272 RFLink Sending: 10;NewKaku;22cc000;5;ON

And of course the light is switched ON.

Now I would like to have more devices controlled by my Domoticz but how do I go "behind" button 'D' ?

In the switches I can programm a switch manually , but setting the 22cc000 address does not make my light go on/off.
The most close definition is TYPE=AC in the manual configuration. NewKaku is not in the list :-(

Anybody any ideas / hints?

Many thanks


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