Door magnetic sensors - configuration and usage

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Door magnetic sensors - configuration and usage

Post by przemhb » Thursday 11 October 2018 0:10

As there is no specific information in Domoticz manual neither in Wiki telling how to configure Z-Wave magnetic door sensors I would like to ask those, who succeeded, to reach out their helpful hand.

When I include magnetic door sensor I get 3 devices:
1. Sensor.
2. Alarm Type.
3. Alarm Level.

As I have noticed the first one, sensor, returns if the door are open or closed. Correct me if I am wrong, but it should be configured as "Door Contact".
What are functions of the two other and how should I configure them?

Is one of them to lock/unlock the sensor to arm/disarm sensor?

When I configure the two last as "Door Lock" and click on the door icon Domoticz returns error message saying there was an error while sending the command.

I am confused by cumulation of a few unknowns.
1. My sensors are Everspring SM810 (at least they look just like SM810), but Domoticz has no support for the SM810 and recognizes them as SM103 from the same manufacturer (they clearly differ in shape). Displays Type and ID of SM103. More info: ... 24&t=24875
2. It's very hard to include them. I need to try dozens of times to succeed.
3. After a some two weeks sensors stopped responding once more rising question if they are configured and handled properly.

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