Honeywell Round Wifi+Synology NAS

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Honeywell Round Wifi+Synology NAS

Post by TheChief » Friday 05 October 2018 19:12

Hi all,

I installed with succes Domoticz on my DS214SE.
I was first planning to buy a raspberry PI and use it with Domoticz to first control my central heating system.

I'm from the Netherlands and my electric/gas company is taken over by an other company (EON -> Eneco). At this moment im
using a gateway with thermostat from Fifthplay, it also monitors my gas and electric use with sensors on both meters.
The support for online control of my thermostat and to my use of gas/electric stops in a few weeks because Eneco has his own
system.... I asked Fifitplay if its possible to keep the system running, its possible but will cost me 80,- euro.

I was planning to go use Domoticz for a long time and I would rather spend my money on a system that is more possible with!

Some questions;
-Is it possible to connect the Honeywell Round Wifi to my synology NAS? Do i need a cable or a rfxcom?

-I work in shifts, a cycle of 10 weeks, 2 early, 2 late and 2 night. In my curent system i can only make a program for 7 days.
Is its possible to make a program in Domoticz for my kind of schedule??

-Whats better, Synology+Domoticz OR Raspberry+Domoticz?

-Any other tips?

Thanks in advance!

The Chief

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Re: Honeywell Round Wifi+Synology NAS

Post by maryrosie » Thursday 11 October 2018 5:41

Great post! I didn’t knowral of these resources and I’m going to go check them out now!

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