Tying my MQTT messages with Domoticz

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Tying my MQTT messages with Domoticz

Post by milika » Monday 01 October 2018 17:42

I have my product (poliprekidac.com) which sends MQTT temperature and relay control messages.
It has a standard i have to follow and cant change it to Domoticz json.
I have been searching for days around forums and cant seem to get around how to show my sensor in Domoticz.

I have setup MQTT server, and it works fine, dummy sensor with simulated messages works fine.
But my MQTT messages go on a different channel and in different format.

topic: poliswitch19117/temperature
message is just float number ex: 25.00

I've tried working with events, but cant figure how to get it to the sensor.

Any help would be great.


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Re: Tying my MQTT messages with Domoticz

Post by jvdz » Monday 01 October 2018 18:07

NODE-RED is your friend as the man in the middle to convert between formats.


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