Python Plugin: Zigbee2Mqtt

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Re: Python Plugin: Zigbee2Mqtt

Post by m0rph13 » Saturday 10 November 2018 12:58

Any plans on making this work with DeConz hardware?

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Re: Python Plugin: Zigbee2Mqtt

Post by prelude » Tuesday 13 November 2018 0:40

prelude wrote:
Friday 19 October 2018 21:14
Yep, no help from there.
Got it working just replacing "server: 'mqtt://rabbitmq'" -> server: 'mqtt://' (likely would work also) in configuration.yaml. Funny thing is that pairing works ok but normal "update" messages do not go thru. Ouh yeah, i'm using dockers. And sorry as i do not have now time to check why it work like that.

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