Python Plugin: Psutil Motherboard Sensors

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Python Plugin: Psutil Motherboard Sensors

Post by febalci » Sunday 16 September 2018 17:29

Using Ubuntu, I couldn't get any reliable information from Domoticz Native 'Motherboard Sensors' plugin. Especially the empty space for HDD was always giving wrong information. So I wrote this plugin for my own needs and decided to give up on native 'Motherboard Sensors'.


Please install the 'psutil' Python module first:
sudo pip3 install psutil

When you first enable this Plugin It provides:
  • CPU Usage Percentage
  • Memory (Virtual) Memory Usage
  • All mounted HDD Usage Percentages
And, if supported by your platform:
  • Sensor Temperatures (Celcius)
  • Fan Speeds (RPM)
  • Battery Left Percentage
You can find this plugin in

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