How to edit data

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How to edit data

Post by HenkHavelaar » Friday 14 September 2018 16:38

Platform: Windows 10
Hardware: RFXcom USB tranceiver, Open Zwave USB Aeotec, Davis Vantage Weather station
I'm using a RFX powermeter but sometimes there are strange values measured or recorded (see attachement), were can I find the database with the measured values and how can I edit these values?
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Re: How to edit data

Post by zicht » Friday 14 September 2018 21:08

Database is the file domoticz.db in the domoticz dir (see normal programs dir, in windows)
Sql edit is possible with several tools, the tables are very logical. I would not recommend to alter directly, but if you do make a backup. All sensors and settings are stored there so if you corrupt something you can start from scratch.
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Re: How to edit data

Post by tun0 » Friday 14 September 2018 21:15

If you want to delete a datapoint rather than alter it, just click it while holding shift. Otherwise you'll have to dive into the database indeed.

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