Utility - Incorrect values ...

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Utility - Incorrect values ...

Post by D3ni3d » Thursday 13 September 2018 21:19

Hi from France !

I need some help about strange values in the Utilty panel ...
First off all, here are my settings :
Version: 4.9700
Platform: PI 3 (up to date)

In fact, this is not only one problem, but two (maybe with the same origin ...)
  • The first is the value, probably incoming from the space, I've got when I want to reset my user variable in Domoticz :
    a.jpg (39.31 KiB) Viewed 125 times
    As you can see, the value is 18446744073709552000 ...

    The code I use is here (sorry for french !):

    Code: Select all

    -- Ce script permet de remonter la durée de fonctionnement de la pompe dans un capteur virtuel de type "Counter Incremental"
     ------ Variables à éditer ------
     local switch = 'Pompe piscine'     -- Nom de l'interrupteur virtuel dans Domoticz
     local counter = 33                 -- Numéro idx du Counter Incremental dans Domoticz
     local current_date = (os.date("%d/%m/%Y"))      -- Date courante
     local current_heure = (os.date("%X"))         -- Heure courante
     -- Fin des variables à éditer --
     -- Fonction time --
     time = os.date("*t")
     local day = os.date("%A")
    commandArray = {}
    --------------------Calcul du temps de fonctionnement de la pompe------------------------------------
       -- Si pompe ON incrémentation de la variable Domoticz "Total_Compteur_Pompe" --
       if (otherdevices[switch]=='On') then
          if (day ~=  uservariables["Today"]) then
             commandArray['Variable:Total_Compteur_Pompe']= tostring(0)
             commandArray[7]={['Variable:Today']= tostring(day)}
             commandArray['Variable:Total_Compteur_Pompe']= tostring(uservariables["Total_Compteur_Pompe"] +1)
       -- Envoi de la varaible valeur Total_Compteur_Pompe dans le Custom Counter Valeur_Compteur --
       Valeur_Compteur = tostring(uservariables["Total_Compteur_Pompe"])
       -- Envoi de la valeur dans le compteur "counter" --
       commandArray['UpdateDevice'] = counter .. '|0|' .. tostring(Valeur_Compteur)
       -- Envoi des informations dans le LOG si pompe ON --
       if (otherdevices[switch]=='On') then
          print("Cumul du temps de fonctionnement de la pompe  "..Valeur_Compteur.." Minutes".."  //  "..math.floor((Valeur_Compteur/60)).. " Heures")
    return commandArray
  • The "Last Week" values are null ...
    As you can see I the picture abive, the "Last Week" are all = 0 ... While the "Last month" values looks to be correct ...
What's wrong ???
Can some one help me to resolve thoses matters ? I've seen similar problems on differents forums, but it was with previous versions of Dz ...

Many, many thanks in advance !!!!

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Re: Utility - Incorrect values ...

Post by zicht » Friday 14 September 2018 21:18

I have no clue at all just trying to think out loud :

could it be that you have to set 2 values, one for the current moment and one for the day cummulative ?
This is how it works on a rain sensor.

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