Overview of used codes (e.g. KAKU)

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Overview of used codes (e.g. KAKU)

Post by manjh » Thursday 13 September 2018 15:51

I have been using Domoticz for a few years now, and use KAKU (KlikAanKlikUit) to switch lights etcetera.
With the old KAKU units you would use the two dials to set the address, newer units "learn" the code.

By now this has grown out of control, because I did not keep track of which code was used for each application.
Made me wonder if there is a possibility to make an overview of all used codes, along with the name of the device it is used for?
Domoticz must have this information: when I try to create a switch manually, and enter a code that is already in use, I get an error message.

Is this info available somehow?

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Re: Overview of used codes (e.g. KAKU)

Post by felix63 » Thursday 13 September 2018 17:24


Isn't the code the same as DeviceID / Unit that is shown in the device table?

I have some devices in Domoticz that are connected still to an old HomeWizard. If I check the code in Homewizard it is equal to the DeviceID & (UnitID + 1)

Hope this helps.


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Re: Overview of used codes (e.g. KAKU)

Post by BugsBob » Tuesday 18 September 2018 17:49

Thanks, Felix! That sure helped a lot.

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