Anyony got Izsynth working? (solved)

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Anyony got Izsynth working? (solved)

Post by DewGew » Thursday 13 September 2018 11:52

I have an issu with Izsynth. Im running on RPI3 with stretch. I got this error:

Code: Select all

sudo izsynth "Door opens"
== [1/1] - izsynth Name:[Door_opens] ===========================================
Synthesizing - input:[/dev/shm/izsynth-20180411-153426/Door_opens.txt] engine:[naturalreaders] voice:[Peter] output:[/dev/shm/Door_opens.mp3] size:[4.0K] type:[text/plain] result:[ERROR]
Any soultion for this?

Edit: Natrualreaders speak engine does not work. Try another speak engine.
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