Domoticz and Sonoff 4CH, Blinks

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Domoticz and Sonoff 4CH, Blinks

Post by Remote44 » Tuesday 11 September 2018 7:57

Hello everybodey.
I have two of Sonoff’s 4CH.
I also have 4 blink AC motor, with 2 ways (up/down)

I want to controll these blink motors by the two 4CH, and there is only one problem;

If i switch on “Motor1 down”, there is no problem
If one motor’s two ways get switched on, it gets shorted and that is not good.. (the motor wants to go up and down in the same time)
Easy to do, that “switch off down, before clicking up” but not only me using this, and that is a bit hard to say everyone how that works..

The 4CH can be switched to “interlocking” mode, what does what i want, its enable only one way switched on, but there is another problem; i can not control two blinks at the same time. Because there is 2 AC motor, in one 4CH

How can i do in Domoticz, that if i send “Blink up” command, then check “Blink Down” switch? Or what kind of switch i have to choose?
I’ve seen Blink controller buttons in Domoticz, Blind US maybe. How can i use it?
I want 3 buttons, commands / motors

And the up+down can not be seitched on, at the same time.

I hope you can understand my problem, and sorry for my bad english:)

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