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PLCBUS support

Post by AlBundy » Sunday 09 September 2018 22:13

Hi all,

Currently I have PLCBUS in use as my main switching devices in my house. PLCBUS is like X10 but is more reliable.
The PLCBUS transmitter I use is connected to USB of a cubieboard. Internally it is an USB-to-serial device e.g. ttyUSB0

The PLCBUS protocol is not that difficult but Domoticz doesn't seem to support it and I cannot find anything that I can use.
A protocol description can be found here: ... s-1141.pdf

PLCBUS is 2-way. A host with a transmitter can send commands to switching devices but also remote controls are able to send commands on the PLCBUS that are received by the host which can react on these commands.

I looked at domoticz plugins but I am not sure whether this is the right direction and for me to create a plugin I have to move a BIG step forward.
I am willing to learn but I need a little push in the right direction how to add PLCBUS support to Domoticz.

So, could anyone assist or at least push me in the right direction!?

Many thanks and best regards

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Re: PLCBUS support

Post by Dnpwwo » Monday 10 September 2018 11:31


A Python plugin would probably be easiest if you want to built support into Domoticz, I read the spec and the Serial connectivitity in the framework should be okay with it.

You could look to see if someone has written a PLCBUS to MQTT bridge which allow you to then bridge MQTT to Domoticz.
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