RFswitches single button/code

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RFswitches single button/code

Post by mmmmm » Sunday 02 September 2018 15:38


I bought a single 433MHz button like here:
https://www.aliexpress.com/item/433mhz- ... autifyAB=0

when pressed a single 7digit code is send.
When pressed again the same code is send.

I installed RFswitches plugin and Id like to use my button as a toggle switch in DOMOTICZ.

Could anybody please help me :)
This plugin was designed (I think) for classic remote controllers (2 button: 1-on, 2-off).
What should I do to make it working?

using sudo ./RFSniffer
I can see my button working when pressed - so I belive that my hardware part is ok.

RFswitches creates a Learn switch.
To program a new RF switch i have to press a Learn switch than I have 10sec to press several times my button,
than I should press of (on Learn switch) and again I will have 10sec to learn off code.
The problem is that i have only one code.

I will appreciate any help.

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Re: RFswitches single button/code

Post by haajee » Tuesday 04 December 2018 20:05


Do you have fixed this? And if yes, what was the solution. I have the same situation and read about toggle switch but don't know how to do step by step. :)

Kind regards!

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