Avoid broken blinds / Bind stop

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Avoid broken blinds / Bind stop

Post by JonyBCN » Saturday 01 September 2018 19:49

After an accident with a blind motor, an obstacle and a broken shutter as a result, I have been thinking about creating a system to avoid accidents.
Installing sensors to deceive obstacles would be expensive, intrusive and complex. But since any shutter driver incorporates consumer information, I think I can work with that.

I have 5 Fibaro FGRM-222, and electrical training, so I know the basic operation of any engine. With the FGRM-222, I can measure consumption at almost the moment, and if the blind finds an obstacle, consumption must rise due to over-exertion. I have done a couple of tests measuring the normal consumption and, indeed, if with the hand for a little the blind simulating an obstacle, the consumption goes up.
 With this, it is easy to create an event in Blockly with the following function:

 If "blind X consumption" < "normal consumption"
 Set: "blind X" = "stop"

The event works correctly, but the problem is that currently the STOP command does not work in domoticz, at least with the FGRM-222.

 Can someone confirm that it is a general fault or does it just happen to me? Any solution?

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