How to add an Arilux RGB Controller Wifi

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How to add an Arilux RGB Controller Wifi

Post by DarkG » Saturday 01 September 2018 13:52

I bought from ebay a RGB Wifi Controller. Don´t know if it is a clone or not.
Seems to be a LC03. Works with Magic Home Android App too.

First I looked inside the case. The ESP is integrated in PCB. Its a closed Circuit and not like the others with an ESP PCB.
I got other Problems too, but first of all how can I connect it with Domo?

I created an Arilux Hardware Device with the right IP, then create a Device and give it a name.
But after that there is no switch or else in Switches. All is clear.

I started add new devices too. Can only see in Log this.

Code: Select all

018-09-01 12:51:01.915 Status: Arilux stopped
2018-09-01 12:51:05.884 Status: Arilux Worker started...
2018-09-01 12:51:26.011 (rgb) Color Switch ()
2018-09-01 12:51:26.008 Status: Arilux: New controller added ( testr)
2018-09-01 12:51:42.070 Status: New sensors allowed for 5 minutes...
2018-09-01 12:51:48.907 Status: User: Cino initiated a switch command (20/rgb testr/On)
2018-09-01 12:51:48.908 Status: Arilux: Sending data to device
2018-09-01 12:51:49.125 (rgb) Color Switch (rgb testr)
2018-09-01 12:51:52.602 (rgb) Color Switch (rgb testr)
2018-09-01 12:51:52.451 Status: User: Cino initiated a switch command (20/rgb testr/Off)
2018-09-01 12:51:52.451 Status: Arilux: Sending data to device
And now my other Problem. It could be the device is broken. I tested 2 different rgb stripes. When I choose Red as an example the Blue channel doesnt complete gets down. And I could not turn off all. Green will be not shut off.

Does anybody have the same problems?
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