This is driving me crazy - Blockly events crashing all events

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This is driving me crazy - Blockly events crashing all events

Post by stewdyne » Wednesday 29 August 2018 20:10

Oke so past few weeks I've created a couple of Blockly events. Everything was working fine, except that they suddenly stopped working after a - random -amount of time past. When I restart my Rpi everything is working fine again for the time-being. Im takling about a 30 min - 4 hour time frame.

When the events are down Domoticz is still recieving input from the hardware and when I toggle a light switch from withing Domoticz the lamp is turned on.

So to test where the problem is I disabled all my events except one. Went to work, got back home, and everything was still working. Then I enabled another event (so 2 events running), after 30 minutes the 2 enabled blockly events stopped working. Rebooted Rpi and everything was working again for a few minutes. Disabled the last event and everything is running fine again. So the problem must be in the last enabled blockly script.

In the attachments the blockly scripts. Event 1 is working fine. Event 2 is giving the problems (I have created more blockly scripts like this, but have disabled them for now since they are giving problems).

I have repeated the on/off commands since the lamps are working on 2.4ghz protocol and are not always recieving the signals (Milight lamps).

Screenshot Blockly events: ... sp=sharing - Trigger is set to Device

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